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Fish cutter – fish processing

Listing Number: 5426
City/Town: Ucluelet
Start Date: as soon as possible
Wage: $16.10 to $20.00 hourly
Hours: 8-10

Company: Ucluelet Harbour Seafoods Ltd. (0822759 BC Ltd.)
Business address: 1661 Cedar Road, Ucluelet, BC, V0R 3A0
Location of work: There are two buildings operated by Ucluelet Harbour Seafoods: 1661
Cedar Road, Ucluelet, BC and 2074 Peninsula Road, Ucluelet, BC. Both facilities are in the
same town under the same management and ownership. Only one kilometer separates the
buildings and they operate as one business.
Business information: We receive fresh fish from fishing boats on Vancouver Island and we
cut to various fillet sizes and pack styles for distribution in both fresh and frozen markets.
Type of Employment: Full time–Permanent Estimated Start Date: As soon as possible
Job duties:
Clean and sort fish
Properly fillet fish to ensure maximum use of product. Fillet various kinds of fish for
production and retail sales. Properly grade product and assign to accounts
Properly cut all types of portion orders to ensure lowest percentage of loss, including
bias, H&G, P.B.O (Pin Bone Out fillets). etc.
Sanitize work area and equipment before filleting
Survey all equipment to assure proper working order
Handle product properly to ensure maximum shelf life
Put away excess product properly
Finish all orders in a timely manner
Inform supervisor of any changes or problems
Cut and fillet 1-20 lb. fish with a band saw and/or knife
Pack fish in 5-50 lb. boxes
Clean-up work station and department
Communicate quality issues to supervisors
Weigh and tag product at end of the shift with other fillet crew team members
Help pack fillet orders
-Education: No formal education required
-Experience: Experience is an asset. Training will be provided. The hiring process includes
initial assessment of the fish filleting skills.
-This position requires the ability to fillet a minimum of 150 lbs of Rockfish fillets with a 30% skin
off recovery (500 Round Pounds) per hour or, 140 or more whole Rockfish per hour
-We prefer candidates that speak English well, but as we have an urgent need for help,
candidates with basic command of English will also be accepted
Wage: $16.10 to $20.00 hourly, 8-10 hours up to 12 if is needed, 30 -60 hours per week. We
are willing to pay up to $30/hour depending on skills and experience.
Important information: We require flexibility on schedule as hours of work can be from 5am to
2pm, sometimes working until 4pm or 5pm is required during summer time when production is
heavy and overtime is available.
Benefits: Smocks or uniforms. Transportation costs covered if worker needs to relocate,
accommodation provided at a cost.
Apply by e-mail to:
Apply by mail to: 1661 Cedar Road, Ucluelet, BC, V0R 3A0

Apply by Fax: 250-726-3434

Contact: Ucluelet Harbour Seafoods
Fax Number: 250-726-3434
Address: 1661 Cedar Road, Ucluelet, BC, V0R 3A0