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Listing Number: 5404
Wage Comment:

Position Information: We are seeking a diplomatic, focused individual to work as a project coordinator from September 2019 to March 31, 2020 for an exciting project focused on UNITY issues for the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw.
Project Synopsis: Develop a Strategic consensus-based community vision for all member bands of MDTC. We need to research and resolve internal Lands & Resources Boundary issues and re-examine/redefine the united relationship moving forward in preparation for negotiating and reconciliation discussions with Government. Issues on the table to be discussed: Unity, Amalgamation, Common Vision, how to move forward together when we are all in different places, resolving internal differences, rights recognition framework, UNDRIP, reconciliation, government negotiations and land claim options.

Coordinator Duties:
•General oversight and management of the project, including financial management of the budget, reporting requirements and reports needed.
•Coordination of meetings and travel logistics for participants; there will be at least 2 meetings to discuss internal boundaries.
•Identify and contract a consultant to facilitate one large scale two-day inter-Nation meeting
•Assist the facilitator to write up MDTC 10-year Strategic plan
•Facilitate the discussions and meetings around Boundary issues
•Liaison and working with the band traditional researchers hired: (Each band will hire their own researcher(s) to pull together information in preparation for meeting.
•Research policies and protocols regarding boundary issues and historical land and resource decision making processes


Skills & Abilities Required:
•Excellent Coordination and Organizational skills
•Proven Writing abilities in report writing, previous Strategic Planning experience an asset
•Minimum Grade 12, post secondary an asset
•Past experience in organizing large scale community events
•Facilitation experience in multi-group/nation meetings
•Conflict Management skills
•Position is part-time contract approximately 30 number of days between June and March 31, 2020
•Contract commensurate with experience
Cover letter and resumes to be sent to Joy Voyageur; Interim Executive Director at or faxed to 250 914 3406

Fax Number: 250 914 3406
Notes: Deadline: Friday, August 23rd, 2019; 12 noon.