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Port Hardy - Drivers Theory

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 - 9:00am
Drivers Training

NVIATS drivers theory program is designed to help assist client’s through the process of obtaining their “L” learners licence. This 12 hour training offers 1:1 help, group activities and a safe place to learn what is on the ICBC knowledge test.

The following are requirements in order to write the knowledge test at the Access centre.
Must have two pieces of valid identification. Examples but not limited to;
Birth Certificate & Care Card
Birth Certificate & Status Card
Passport & Status Card

No ICBC fines can be outstanding, including BC Transit
If you require glasses or contacts you must bring them to write your test at the Access centre
Consent form if under 19 years of age

Contact NVIATS for our next Drivers Theory class or if you have any questions—250.286.3455