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Rent Smart - Campbell River

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 9:00am
Rent Smart

RentSmart Certificate is a 12-hour course that covers the following:

Tenant rights and responsibilities
Landlord responsibilities and expectations
Living with roommates, housemates and neighbours
Effective communication skills
Budgeting and planning for housing affordability and stability
Maintenance do’s and don’ts
Crisis management, safety and pests

Upon completion of the RentSmart Certificate course, participants earn the RentSmart Certificate of Completion. The certificate can act as a reference and lets landlords know that graduates have learned how to be a good tenant.

The benefits of the RentSmart Certificate course are empowered tenants who understand their rights and responsibilities, communicate effectively with landlords, neighbours and roommates, budget to maintain their housing and look after their home. Financial benefits include the reduction in the costs related to moving, damages and evictions, as well as the societal benefits of stable housing and all its related impacts.