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Rent Smart - Campbell River

Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 9:00am
Rent Smart

RentSmart is course designed to help you have a successful tenancy. Over 6 modules, you will learn:
1. What your housing wants and needs are, and how to find a home that meets your needs

2. How to be housing ‘application-ready’

3. About how the law protects both tenants and landlords

4. Your legal rights and responsibilities, and that of your landlords’

5. How to manage your money in order to afford housing and pay your rent on time

6. Effective communication skills to help your tenancy be conflict-free

7. Common maintenance skills to help you look after your home

When you finish, you get a RentSmart Certificate, which lets landlords know you have taken the time to learn how to be a responsible tenant.