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Employer 1 Stop

 Reduce recruitment costs! Increase retention rates!

 Hire within the regional Aboriginal Community!


Many employers would like to hire Aboriginal workers but do not know how to successfully engage with the North Island Aboriginal community.

We are your point of contact for Aboriginal job seekers. 

Our staff of professional career development practitioners, training coordinators, labour market analyst, and job coaches can provide the service and support employers require to effectively recruit and retain Aboriginal workers. 

We are a labour market liaison. We help improve the flow of labour market information by acting as a broker between Aboriginal job seekers and local employers looking for Aboriginal employees. 

Founded in 1997, we have a trusted relationship with the Aboriginal population on the North Island. 

Our services are free of charge 

We work on both sides of the labor market, evaluating changing labour market needs while also assessing the skills and interests of job seekers. 

Unlike placement agencies, we put considerable emphasis on placement supports and services that can encourage job retention.  

How are we different? 

Whereas other service providers may offer Aboriginal employment assistance as one component of their services, we devote 100 % of our services to help Aboriginal individuals obtain meaningful training and employment. 

We provide a comprehensive range of supports that can help increase employee retention, lower recruitment costs and reduce training expenses. We also offer a number of programs and funding options that can save you money.  

Money-Saving Programs 

*  Wage Subsidy 

*  Apprenticeship training costs (tuition and books) 

*  WCB certified training, paid training for safety tickets 

*  Practicum Program: Candidate for four weeks allows the  option of retaining as an employee 

Looking to increase the visibility of your company within the Aboriginal community? Want to recruit for current and upcoming employment opportunities?  

NVIATS can help spread the word and increase your chances of finding the perfect employee(s). 

Employers are welcome to host a presentation about their organization specific to careers. These structured sessions (presentation, question period, refreshments) are a great way for a large number of applicants to learn about an organization before they participate in the application and interview process. 

We host in-house events throughout the year and share employment opportunities with our growing online community via our Facebook Twitter and Website

NVIATS Employer Services connects employers with Skilled Aboriginal workers, offering several ways to promote job and career opportunities within your organization. 

*  Employer Services 

*  Labour Link

*  Professional Career practitioner’s 

*  Host Information Sessions 

*  Set up Recruitment Booths 

*  Book Interview Rooms 

*  Post Job Opportunities 

*  Labour Market Information 

*  Wage Subsidies 

*  Confidential resume collection services 

*  Customized recruitment events 

*  Development of training plans 

*  Boardroom,  training room and computer lab

*  Wifi 

*  Skype Conferencing 

Reach thousands of great candidates by advertising online at no charge using NVIATS Employer 1 Stop  job posting system.  Any full-time, part-time, summer, or contract positions are welcome.  

Please contact 250-286-3455 to find out more about how NVIATS can help your company.