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offers a variety of programs to provide participants with:

  • Job readiness skills
  • Industry certification
  • Ongoing coaching and support
  • Opportunities for community partnerships
  • Funding assistance for training
  • Clothing and safety gear
  • Life skills and successful tenancy training
  • Wage subsidy opportunities


Bladerunners is an award-winning employment program that is recognized both nationally and internationally. Training may focus on construction, forestry, and health and safety services. The Bladerunners program provides job readiness skills and industry certification, as well as ongoing job search support and mentoring. Those who complete the program may be eligible to receive required safety gear free of charge! 

Community Partnership Program

NVIATS supports partnerships that provide trainees with valuable skills leading to meaingiful employment within our communities. Under the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Program, there are 3 pillars that NVIATS will focus on: 

  • demand-driven skills development
  • partnerships
  • accountability for improved results


Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start is a five-month program, with the first eight weeks being held in a classroom setting for five days a week, six hours per day. Clients get paid minimum wage for attending the class while gaining essential life skills and new employability expertise, while receiving certificate training.

Fresh Start facilitators then place clients into a 12-week, paid work experience arrangement with local employers, during which they provide ongoing job search support, coaching and mentoring.

Ready for Work

The NVIATS Ready for Work Program provides eligible First Nation clients funding for safety gear or work clothing they need to be properly equipped for employment. Eligible clients can seek funding assistance from NVIATS Ready for Work Program for qualified offers of employment in any industry requiring special clothing, equipment or gear.

Rent Smart

The Rent Smart course helps participants gain skills and tools to support common understanding and manage expectations between landlords and tenants to reduce confusion and conflict. Successful tenancies are key to housing stability, prevention of homelessness, and strong communities. 

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Summer Student Program

The NVIATS Summer Student Program provides funding to help Bands, Organizations, and Employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities while helping both students and their communities. This program provides work experiences supporting Bands, organizations, and employers, including those who provide important community services. It recognizes that local circumstances, community needs and priorities vary widely.


Wage Subsidy Program

This program assists employers in offsetting the costs of developing a new employee’s skills and level of productivity, and offers employers the unique opportunity to develop the employee’s skills on the job to meet their specific business needs. Wage subsidies within this program are negotiated, and range from 40% to 60% of wages for up to three months. The amount and length of the wage subsidy is dependent on the skills that will be developed on the job, as well as the skills the candidate brings to the job.

Walk-In Program

The NVIATS Walk-In program is available to all First Nation peoples, status or non-status, on reserve or off, to access funds to return to school or employment. The program funds cover tuition and book fees, necessary safety gear to attend training, as well as a wage subsidy to assist with securing employment. The objective of the walk-in client program is to ensure that all First Nation people, regardless of their Band Registration area, have equal access to programs and services that are offered by NVIATS.

BEST Program

This program is delivered in the NVIATS Campbell River office and provides eight weeks of employment skills development workshops and industry certified training. Upon completion, the participant will enter a 4-week work placement.

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