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NVIATS Employer Services offers employers an opportunity to increase their visibility within the Aboriginal community, reduce recruitment costs, and increase retention rates.

Founded in 1997, we are a labour market liaison with a trusted relationship with the Aboriginal population on North Vancouver Island. We help improve the flow of labour market information by acting as a broker between job seekers and local employers seeking Aboriginal employees. Our staff of professional career development practitioners, training coordinators, labour market analysts, and job coaches can provide the service and support employers require to effectively recruit and retain Aboriginal workers. We work on both sides of the labor market, evaluating changing needs while also assessing the skills and interests of job seekers.


What Sets Us Apart?

Whereas other service providers may offer Aboriginal employment assistance as one component of their services, we devote 100% of our services to helping Aboriginal individuals obtain meaningful training and employment. Unlike typical placement agencies, we put considerable emphasis on placement support systems and services that can encourage job retention.

NVIATS provides employers with a comprehensive range of support options completely free of charge to reduce recruitment costs and training expenses. We also offer a number of programs and funding options that can save you money and allow you to invest those resources in other areas of your business.

We connect employers with skilled Aboriginal workers, offering several ways to promote job and career opportunities within your organization. If you have an employment opportunity within your organization, we invite you to share it with our Aboriginal job seekers by completing the form below.

For Employers

Increase visibility for your company within the Aboriginal community

NVIATS Employer Services connects employers with skilled Aboriginal workers, offering several ways to promote job and career opportunities within your organization. 

Employers are invited to host presentations about their organization and recruitment sessions. We host these popular events throughout the year and share employment opportunities with our growing online community via our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as the job board on our website. 

Opportunities for employers

  • Host information sessions 
  • Book interview rooms 
  • Post job opportunities 
  • Access labour market information 
  • Enroll in wage subsidies programs
  • Utilize confidential resume collection services 
  • Create customized recruitment events 
  • Assistance with developing training plans 
  • Use of boardroom, training room and computer lab
  • Access to Skype conferencing 

Tools and Resources for Employers

TOWES: Test of Workplace Essential Skills

TOWES is an online learning hub and a nationally recognized leader in the field of literacy and essential skills assessment. The TOWES methodology focuses on 3 main areas of essential skill and career development: reading, using documents, and numeracy. 

Using TOWES, employers can identify and develop workers’ skills to safely prepare them for a wide range of jobs. Educators can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to develop focused and targeted intervention strategies, and job seekers can make better-informed career and education decisions by identifying and developing their skills.

TOWES’ products and services are grouped into four core areas: 

  • Assessment – tools to accurately measure literacy and essential skills
  • Learning tools – materials and resources to help meet workplace and educational training needs 
  • Professional development and administrator training – customizable training for employers, career counsellors, instructors or assessment administrators
  • Consulting and analysis – support for recruitment, promotion, and succession planning efforts

Wage Subsidy Program

This program assists employers in offsetting the costs of developing a new employee’s skills and level of productivity, and offers employers the unique opportunity to develop the employee’s skills on the job to meet their specific business needs. Wage subsidies within this program are negotiated, and range from 40% to 60% of wages for up to three months. The amount and length of the wage subsidy is dependent on the skills that will be developed on the job, as well as the skills the candidate brings to the job.


Request for Proposals (RFP)

Every year NVIATS opens this opportunity for Bands, Organizations, and other industry partners, in our area to access funds for employment and training projects, and youth funding for the summer student program

Money Saving Programs

  • Access wage subsidies
  • Support with apprenticeship training costs (tuition and books) 
  • WCB certified training for employees; paid training for safety tickets 

Practicum Program: Candidate for four weeks allows the option of retaining as an employee