Life Skills

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Welcome to Life Skills!

This course aims to give students the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to build healthy habits, maintain meaningful relationships, and accomplish their goals. Honing these life skills will help you grow and succeed both in your personal and your professional life.

In this course, we’ll cover:

  1. Time Management: How to prioritize your time and get things done, while still making time for fun and relaxation.
  2. Budgeting and Money Management: How to reach your financial goals and stay within budget.
  3. Cognitive Distortion: How to untwist unhelpful thinking when your brain gets in the way.
  4. Communication Styles: Helping you do so more effectively, with friends, family, and colleagues.
  5. Giving and Receiving Feedback: How to benefit from constructive criticism, brush off destructive criticism, and approach correcting others with respect.
  6. Conflict Resolution: Identifying the different approaches to conflict, and how to be more effective in getting everyone’s needs met.

For This Course, You Will Need:

  • Internet Access
  • A notebook and pen or pencil

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