In Summary: Ten Tips to Receiving Positive Feedback

1. Adopt the attitude that feedback is a great learning tool. Try not to think about feedback as something that is scary and to be avoided at all costs.

2. Realize that feedback is sometimes only someone else’s opinion.

3. Consider who is giving you feedback: your teacher, your co-worker, your supervisor, your partner?

4. Try not to react based on initial emotions. Let the person complete what he or she is saying; wait at least three seconds before responding.

5. Take several slow deep breaths before the feedback discussion takes place.

6. Never take it personally.

7. Pay attention and try to be totally in the present moment.

8. Remember the ways this feedback can be helpful to you in the long run.

9. Thank the person for their feedback (even though privately you may not agree with it). The fact they gave it to you gives you the option of choosing to act on it, consider it, or simply just ignore it.

10. If the feedback is constructive, plan how you will implement it in your day to day, and schedule a follow up check-in with your boss or supervisor if necessary.