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TOWES Test of Workplace Essential Skills

TOWES is an online learning hub and a nationally recognized leader in the field of literacy and essential skills assessment. The TOWES methodology focuses on 3 main areas of essential skill and career development: reading, using documents, and numeracy. Using authentic Canadian work and life content, this course helps to assess and improve critical skills for success in working, learning and life.

TOWES’ products and services are grouped into four core areas: 

  • Assessment – tools to accurately measure literacy and essential skills
  • Learning tools – materials and resources to help meet workplace and educational training needs 
  • Professional development and administrator training – customizable training for employers, career counsellors, instructors or assessment administrators
  • Consulting and analysis – support for recruitment, promotion, and succession planning efforts

Using TOWES, employers can identify and develop workers’ skills to safely prepare them for a wide range of jobs. Educators can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness to develop focused and targeted intervention strategies, and job seekers can make better-informed career and education decisions by identifying and developing their skills.